The Story Begins...

With the Corruption of Gods and the decay of planets. Mankind is on the brink of extinction. So now mankind along with the Gods are striking back against the Supreme God & the Corrupt Magical Beast which lay waste to the planets.


Staff Team

You can support us by donating to solstice Entertainment. Currently we are developing as fast as we can, but money to help pay for Pixel art could help speed up the process. If you are interested in donating there Benefits that come with donating. You can find more out under the Donation Page.
[GM] Matt : Programmer

[GM] Dipic: Programmer & Server Manager

[GM] Aeon : Pixel Artist & UI Designer

[GM] Chance : Graphic Artist

[GM] Zagros : Programmer

[GM] Ganite: Interface Designer & Programmer


  1. FAQ
    Sword & Soul Online was a game inspired by various Games and Anime. The most inspirational one was Sword art Online. We really did love it but there we did not take any direct content from any anime or game.
  2. Game Hook
    Will you fight to for fun, will you fight to survive, will you fight for your own desires, will fight to protect the ones you love, or will you die trying?
  3. Game Description
    Sword & Soul Online [SSO] Player Vs Player / Player Vs Environment focused MMORPG, That is absolutely based on strategy and team work. Some will choose to solo it out, some will choose to partner up with a Guild, just beware that you can not trust everyone and you will make enemies, so show no mercy.
  4. Credit
    Credits go to Konlet, A Very Skilled Programmer who contributed in this mathematics of the game. Credits also go to BYOND Software. They who is allowing us to use there Software as a platform for Sword & Soul Online. Solstice Entertainment is in Collaboration with Aeon Games Inc. to make Sword & Soul Online.