The Story Begins...

With the Corruption of Gods and the decay of planets. Mankind is on the brink of extinction. So now mankind along with the Gods are striking back against the Supreme God & the Corrupt Magical Beast which lay waste to the planets.
 Backstory - The world of Vanticin is at war with itself. Conflicts starting over simple things such as race and beliefs. A new breed of humanity was created and gifted with blessings from the Gods. This all started when a majority of the world had the same dream. In that dream they were told of the exile of the Gods. The Supreme God shall cast them out as punishment for their corruption.
Two years later, in flash of light as bright as the sun itself in the middle of the night lit up the universe. The light shot out in all directions; one heading straight for Valor City. The projectile destroyed a large city that had held the Great Bank of Valor City, sending the world into a recession. In the center of impact, it was discovered that the projectile was in fact a discarded God. He called himself Aerion, God of Nature. As he rose to feet in the rubble that was once known as one of the greatest cities in the world, he looked only to the sky. He slowly began to float upwards but collapsed from the strain on his abilities. When he awoke, he was in a large (but to his own standards; tiny) house. He looked around and saw a few sleeping children. Through a pane of glass on the wall, he saw children playing in another room. He slowly got up from the bed and looked around for his weapon. It was gone. Somewhere in the rubble, he presumed. He was walking out of the building when a woman grabbed his arm. He looked up at her and realized his height. He looked down at his body and noticed he was a child. He looked like an eleven year-old child. At least he looked as powerful as he was. He was the weakest God of them all, after all. His weapon was a wooden staff that could control various forces of nature, and with a huge cost, living forms of nature as well. His power to control living things only worked for one action per month on another God. Considering there wasn’t much nature in Heaven, he was by far the weakest. He looked to the woman and waved a hand, shooing her away. His power on humans had a different effect though. The woman flew backwards into a wall, slamming into a mirror. As she fell, shards of glass stuck out of her body. Aerion looked at his hands and back up to the sky, wondering why he was cast down. He flew up into the sky in a flash and vanished in the blink of an eye. He arrived back at the rubble and found his staff. He felt disgusted with himself for killing a human. He looked around at the rubble and realized there were probably bodies where he landed too. He held his staff into the sky and all of the rubble lifted up and began floating around. Aerion decided to rebuild this city as his own personal castle in the sky.
The rubbled smashed together, molding into four pillars. This was one of his special techniques that allowed him to alter gravity in a selected area at a huge cost of his energy. The selected area was ripped from the ground and began to float upwards. He left the crater he had caused a few meters away from his soon-to-be castle; a reminder of home. Not to far from that town another God was casted out. She was the Goddess known as Juno. Juno was the Goddess of War, she was the 3rd most skilled God in hand-to-hand combat and her Divine Blade was Procmillion. Procmillion was the Legendary Light Scythe . It is said that Procmillion can only hit vital parts in the body, not only that it also has the power to drain life like a vampire like effect, upon doing so it will leave the victim in a daze and his or her’s movements will began to slow down, because it drains energy and health. Not too long after Juno led the people of the City in which she spawned, Valor City, in. They began to worship her as their great deity. Not too long after she was cast down she became very weakened resigned to her altar which her worshippers built and she enchanted with “Holy Seals”. It’s said that anyone can break into a God’s Altar by assembling with 5 or more of the same Worshipers of different deities, and breaking the seal by unleashing Aura based attacks on the Gate of Judgement, which is the portal to enter an altar. However, that does not mean you can not break it down by yourself. You would have to have power near to a God.
World Story - The world of Vanticin, like the 4 other parallel worlds is on the brink of extinction, because of the Magical Beasts. Their are 5 Elite Magical beast of them all. The one for which the world Vanticin is facing a problem with is known as “Harlurem”. Harlurem is a trent-type beast. It’s major abilities are the control of the element “Earth” and it’s incredible resistance to enchanted attacks, but it’s weakness is aura-based attacks. Originally Harlurem like many other magical beast were casted out to the 5 worlds of the Promethean Solar System. Their original intent was not mal. They were sent by the Supreme God to help the people of the world. Due to the corruption of the people who tried to use the magical beast in different types of ways and the offset of the balance between the Gods it caused the Magical Beasts to lose most of their senses. All they were left was a sense of bloodlust for all humanoid species. After the brue of the Magical Beast’s destruction everything came to a quick halt on Vanticin. The Magical Beast resigned to the hugest Dungeon in the world. It is said that somewhere in the dungeon you can find Harlurem and so many of the fallen train to the peaks of their hearts in order to one day become strong enough defeat Harlurem and restore peace and order to Vanticin.

VI. Aura Concept / God Concept - Every God & Humanoid species possesses an Aura. You can utilize your aura to do various task. There are generally 3 Auras. Third Class Aura(Lowest of All), Second Class Aura, and First Class Aura(Highest of All). You can rank your aura’s class up upon mastering it. 50% mastery of the aura is Second Class rank up and 100% is First Class rank up. Activating your aura drains your energy, and when you run out of energy your aura is deactivated. The way you master your Aura is by keeping it activated as long as possible, by doing so you gain 0.01 Mastery every second you have it on. Another way is to use aura-based skills which will typically give you about 0.02 - 0.05 Mastery. There is also another class of Aura which ties to becoming a God. The God class aura is only awakened when you obtain a Divine Blade and become the God of your religion. Unlike the other auras when you activate your aura the only way for your God’s Aura to activate is to have the Divine Blade equipped at the time that you activate your Aura. Of course depending on what God you worship or what God you are, your stats will boost accordingly upon activating your aura. Manifesting & Manipulating your aura can help you in many ways because some Magical Beast’s weaknesses are aura based attacks. Which will come in handy for you.